Seminars & Presentations

Below is a list of seminars on teaching methods and scholarly presentations. Click the links to view.

Adaptive and Active Learning in Principles of Microeconomics, ASU | W.P. Carey Teaching & Learning Workshop, October 4, 2019.

Adaptive Technology & Active Learning in Principles of Economics Classes (with Stefan Ruediger), Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) Annual Meeting, 2019.

Active Learning & Adaptive Technology: Teaching and Learning Econ When Class Time is Scarce (with Stefan Ruediger), National Economics Teaching Association (NETA) Annual Conference, 2018.

Teaching Online @ ASU: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Arizona State University, 2018.

Designing for Student Success: Adaptive and Active Learning in Large-Enrollment Economics Courses (with Stefan Rudiger, Dale Johnson, Laura DePue, and Peter van Leusen), Institute for the Science of Teaching & Learning, 2018.

Teaching Online @ ASU: Dos and Don’ts, A Guide for Beginners, Arizona State University, 2017.

Quasi-Jedi Tips and Tricks for the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Economics, University of Arizona, 2015.

Who Should Do What To Make Us Better Off? Understanding and Teaching Comparative Advantage, A colloquium for Middle & High School Teachers, University of Arizona, 2015.

Short Introductory Video Announcements, ASU Teach Online, 2015.

Lessons from CAPTCHA’s “Prove you’re not a robot” (Strategies for being perceived as human in a large class environment), National Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE), 2015.

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